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America’s First Dictator

The Michigan state legislature quietly passed a bill granting the Governor of Michigan martial control over every city in the entire state.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder on his own initiative and sole discretion can declare an economic emergency in any city and appoint an “Emergency Financial Manager” to exercise complete control over the entire township. Like any dictator he need not explain the basis for his declaration to anyone, his decision is final and there is no process for appeal.

The dictator, oops I meant to say governor, may anoint anyone they desire as manager. The recipient need not be elected or demonstrate any competency and no one including the legislature has the authority to vet this person in any manner.

The Emergency Financial Manager reports directly and only to the governor and has unilateral authority in the name of economic stability. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Dissolve the town council
  • Dissolve the school board
  • Fire anyone paid by the city, including elected officials
  • Hire private security
  • Unincorporate the town
  • Sale public property to anyone they like, at the price they want
  • Void contracts
  • Void collective bargaining agreements

The citizenry have absolutely no say or recourse in anything. They can neither demand nor turn away the Emergency Financial Manager. Although they are required to pay his salary.

Think about it, the Emergency Financial Manager can fire the entire police force and replace them with “private security” from say Halliburton. Abolish the town council and sale city parks to his friends for pennies on the dollar.

What excuse might the Dictator’s use to suspend the rights of we the people? Okay, fine… they’ll still be called “Governor” for a little while longer.

Crime of any sort. Too much open office space, not enough office space. Too many foreclosures. Heaven forbid a labor strike. The people voting against rezoning where a friend of the governor wants to build. There are no limitations on the criteria for declaration of a financial emergency and subsequent suspension the citizens rights.

In case you think I’m being overly dramatic, here’s just one example of what’s happened so far.

Governor Rick Snyder gave the city of Detroit to Robert Bobb.

Mr. Bobb is a Board Foundation Superintendent Academy graduate and currently receives $145,000 a year from the Board Foundation and Kellogg Foundation in addition to his $280,000 government salary.

The Board Foundation is the vehicle billionaire Eli Board uses to push his brand of school reform. Which basically entails cities closing public schools to fund charter school’s owned and operated by subsidiary’s of none other than the Board Foundation.

As of this writing Robert Bobb has announced plans to sell 41 existing schools to charter schools and issued layoff notices to 5,466 public school teachers. No conflict of interest here.

Charter schools will not be required to hire unionized teachers. Most of the projected cost savings will come from cutting long-time teachers pensions.

Robert is also closing eight schools he simply does not like. One is the Detroit Day School for the Deaf. Seems he knows people that can make more money off those kids if they’re not in a specialized school. Another one is the Catherine Ferguson Academy. This is the only school in the country designed for pregnant teens. Like it or not Catherine Ferguson has an extemporary record boasting a 90% graduation rate and 100% college acceptance rate.

Make no mistake, citizens rights have been suspended and left unchecked, politicians will push legislation like this through the remaining states like there’s no tomorrow.


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