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Things That Will Destroy Us

The things that will destroy us are:

  • politics without principle
  • pleasure without conscience
  • wealth without work
  • knowledge without character
  • business without morality
  • science without humanity
  • and worship without sacrifice

One response to “Things That Will Destroy Us

  1. kenneth@buddha jeans September 18, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    hi, times are different now, politicians are helpless times goes to fast and popularity goes first then al money, fame. I think you would like my series on The Original Environmentalist this last one are about o the modern father of environmentalist who did follow principles. I design and write on sustainable fashion side from a intelligent and more philosophical side, because if you want a movement it must start from inside and create positive Karma from inside. As head of research I did in my mega presentation year 2000 that there will be a reaction on large companies who exploit global resources and there will be an reaction, and on sustainable design I suggested. It took them almost ten years to realize it.

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