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Gulf War & My Soul Mate

I went home once after the Gulf War, May 1992. I got into a debate with my father over his opinion regarding people who refused to go to combat. I told him it was an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and pointed out that he never served in the military when he was perfectly healthy. It escalated into other topics and ended with him telling me not to ever come back.

I didn’t go back again until after he committed suicide in April of 2011.

Here are some fun food facts. The best Chinese food I’ve ever had was in a mall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. The best spaghetti was in the Sofitel Cecil Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt. Best Mexican food was in Izmir, Turkey.

Nice Segway huh?

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USS Yellowstone–Go GO Dancer

The snowstorm turned out to be the winter storm of the century for Virginia. I reported aboard the USS Yellowstone in 12″ of snow, having not slept in three days.

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San Antonio

Robin didn’t like that apartment so we moved and as my saving dwindled so did our romance, surely it was just a coincidence.  Eventually…

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Satan’s Alluring Form

On August 3rd of the same year I canceled the wedding, I observed what I can still say was the finest derriere I have ever had the pleasure of observing. It belonged to a girl named Robin who was moving into the apartment that shared an entrance balcony with mine.

Have no doubt; Satan comes in many alluring forms.

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Girl Back Home

While I was stationed on the Kitty Hawk, I had a girl waiting for me back home. At least I thought she was waiting. Let’s call her Rebecca. One day when I called home, my brother David asked me when Rebecca and I broke up. Turned out he was attending the same community college she was. Being the a-hole that he is he laughed when he told me he had seen her sucking face with a couple of different guys around campus.

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Navy – USS Kitty Hawk

I joined the Navy because I could not wait to get away from my father and it was the quickest way of achieving that goal. I joined as a Data Processing Technician (i.e. Software Engineer) because my color blind eyes kept me out of the nuclear power program.

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Sex In High School

I worked as a sacker/stocker at Mitchell’s Grocery from August 3 in my 14th year until I went on activity duty in the U.S. Navy on August 3rd at 17 years of age. The store had a walk-in produce cooler that never got as cold as it should. I mention this because most of the girls I went to school with pulled me into that cooler to talk privately at one time or another. More often than not, they had a question about sex, to do with their boyfriend of course because I was always in the friend zone. If not at work then they would find me on a beach near my house. Years later I heard this joke that made me ponder:

“Almost dying is kind of like sex in high school. If you ever found out how many times it almost happened to you, you’d be amazed.”

Anyway, during high school, Dale was my best male friend. I have talked to him twice since I left Pottsboro. Both of those times were when I went back home on leave shortly after joining. I never had a clue and don’t know for a fact but I heard he came out of the closet and has a “life partner” now.

Car Wreck

At 15, maybe 16, I recall waking up in a hospital with numerous injuries including both clavicles broken.  I don’t recall anything to do with what lead up to it.  I’m told I was driving a car with my sister Monique on our way to a movie.  A car driven by a Sherman, Texas high school student who had been drinking struck us on the driver side as I pulled away from a stop sign. Monique was capitulated 40 feet into a field across the street.  The driver of the other car was decapitated.  Monique says I picked her up and carried out of the field back to the street as the Ambulance was arriving.  They turned the phone in my hospital room off after I got a couple of calls from kids in Sherman threatening to cut my head off.  This incident left a scar on my chin I’ve seen in the mirror every day since.

Fighting in High School

I have wreaked some serious physical damage on a number of deserving people, but I’ve only shot one living thing in my life. The Ward’s had a son about my age, Tim I think is his name. When I was 12, we were in the woods with our pellet guns shooting whatever. Only Tim decides to start shooting living things, like birds. He was a lousy shot so he missed the first one. When he lined up on the second I aimed at him and told him in no uncertain terms that if he shot that bird, I would shoot him. He did, so I did, through and through in the leg.

I don’t recall having any real problems with anyone outside of my family growing up. I pointedly avoided fights after it cost me the affections of a girl I really, really liked.

I’ll give you the short version. I interrupted a guy raping her. His buddy was happy to hold my scrawny ass at bay. Their happiness was short lived. I beat them like a toy drum. I’ll never forget what she said to me a few days later:

“All I see when I look at you is you standing there covered in blood, with that piercing look on your face, talking to me with no emotion in your voice. I never want to look at you again.”

She swore me to secrecy and I was ok with it because the guys were from Sherman hence, she wouldn’t have to see them. That and they both had to drop out of sports because far as I know, some of their body parts still don’t work right. They reported it as a drunken dirt bike accident.

Me The Beginning

I was born on the marble floor of a log cabin outside a small down in Texas during breakfast. The youngest of a half dozen kids I didn’t get a lot of face time with my parents.

My father moved the family from Garland Texas to Anaheim, California and opened a gas station when I was two.

I’ve always had lousy eye site. When I was five my parents let them use me to perform a then experimental procedure that would evolve into what’s called Lasix today. It didn’t go as well as they’d hoped but it was free and my dad really like free stuff, so he didn’t get real worked up about it.

When I was seven, he got himself declared disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis. He gave the station to my oldest brother John and moved us back to Texas.

I grew up on Lake Texoma in Texas so you know I like outdoor activities such as doing belly flops and startling skunks. Starting at a young age I learned the martial arts from a one legged, blind Archer called Bob. Like my sensei, I feel that if you find the right vocation, you should try mayonnaise on a hot dog.

Seriously, though, I lost my virginity at a beach on Lake Texoma on August 3rd.

I never really felt like I fit into any particular social click, but I had lots of wonderful friends throughout my school years.

A friend of my parents, the Ward’s, gave me a motorcycle when I was 9. Dale and Shirley Ward lived in Dallas and routinely visited my parents when they wanted to spend time on the lake. They were the embodiment of the phrase: “If you think you don’t have any friends, buy a house on the lake.”

I rode a motorcycle almost non-stop until I got married for the second time.

My brother David was and still is a gun fanatic. Target shooting is the only thing he ever did with me.

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