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About Me

I was born on the marble floor of a log cabin outside a small down in Texas during breakfast.  I grew up on Lake Texoma so you know I enjoy outdoor activities like startling skunks and doing belly flops in the hot tub.

I learned the martial arts from a one legged, blind Archer named Bob.  Like my sensei, I feel that if you find the right vocation, you should try maynaise on a hot dog.

I once worked as Software Architect and telemarketer for a hydro colonic spa. Calling people at dinner time to discuss evacuating their bowls has helped me immensely with speaking in front of large audiences.

I’m generally not a “club” person, but sometimes I’ll dress up in my best Knights Armor and hit the line dancing circuit. I love traveling and often request the middle seat and cry during long flights.

After over a decade in the U.S. Navy I landed in Nashville, TN.

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